Securely Send is proud to introduce you to the new way of emailing files. No longer do you have to wait for attached files to upload later to find out that they are too large. Securely Send allows you to send files of any size and make sure that your intended recipients actually receive them!

File Sizes
Most major email providers have limits to the size of files that can be sent and received, in fact many email providers will not allow files larger than 3mb. With Securely Send you can send files up to 200mb!

File Types
In addition to file size constraints that email providers have, many of them also have automated spam blockers that will block many common types of files including Word, Excel, and other programs. With Securely Send you are able to send any type of file and since your recipient already knows who you are, they are able to download these attachments directly from without them being blocked.

Note: Although most files will be just fine you should still have an up-to-date antivirus program to scan any files that you download from others.

Transmission Encryption
Securely Send is secured by a SSL (Secured Socket Layer), this means that all transmissions to and from the website are secured by 128-bit encryption. All files that are uploaded to Securely Send are sent along this SSL.

Password Protection
Paid members have the option to password protect any messages and files that are sent. Recipients are not able to view or retrieve messages until they have entered the password. Messages are not sent with the password and will not be able to be viewed or retrieved until the password has been entered by the intended recipient.

Read Receipts
Paid members have the option to request a read receipt once a message has been viewed by the intended recipient. When the read receipt option is selected an email will be sent to the original sender with the date and time the message or files were opened.