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How to Send Large Files

Most computer applications now days tend to create very large files. Most people use their computers to create and share multimedia including: images, videos, presentations, and applications.

Many of the files created by multimedia applications can easily exceed hundreds of megabytes.

Since email servers are usually shared there is a fairly small amount of disk space and there are policies in place to restrict the size of attachments that can be sent.

How large of files can you typically send via email?

Gmail for example only allows for attachments up to 25mb in size, how much exactly is 25mb?

25mb = 10 photos

25mb = 3 minute HD video

25mb = 20 page PDF with images

Securely Send allows you to send files up to 200mb in size

200mb = 20 photos

200mb = 20 minutes HD video

200mb = 100 page PDF with images

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